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Whoa Dude! Think on these things before getting too deep into smoking Weed* *or what the science of marijuana tells us about the harmful health effects for you, your friends, and your kids. Book Description

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Chapter 1: Introduction: Refs. 0

Who is this book is for? ; What this book is about and what it’s not about.

Chapter2: Getting Your Bearings: Refs. 1-10

Different levels of Scientific evidence; Statistical Association versus Causality; Older data versus newer data in the world of weed; PubMed and PubMed Central; Ten Excellent Free reviews

Chapter 3: Things To Know About Weed: Refs. 11-42

The Big 4: How early, How often, How much, How strong; Low Dose /High Dose – Short Term /Long Term; People are different; This is not the marijuana of the 1969 Woodstock generation; Social belief of marijuana’s safety; Myths about weed; Poly-Substance Use

Chapter 4: Marijuana Myths and Other Important Concepts About Weed

Refs. 43-121

Marijuana is natural so it can’t be bad; Weed is not a gateway drug to harder drugs; There is not enough scientific study of marijuana; Legalization and the public perception of safety; Industry Disinformation; Weed Use Trajectories; Edibles; Poly-Substance Use; Thoughts about Medical Marijuana

Chapter 5: Biochemical and Biological Basics: Refs. 122-228

Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC; and Cannabidiol, CBD; Tolerance to THC; Common Genetics and Weed; DNA: The Long Stringy Stuff; Four Important Genes; Epigenetics; Cytochrome P450s: Cannabis, Prescription Drug interactions and Metabolism

Chapter 6: Brain Stuff Refs. 229-349

Brain Imaging; Cognition; Cannabis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cognitive Decline; Memory; Improvement in Memory; False Memories; IQ

Chapter 7: Cannabis and the Risk of Mental Illness Refs. 350-431

Psychosis; Cannabis Induced Psychosis; Paranoia; Schizophrenia ; The two biggest things about weed and schizophrenia; The Chicken or the Egg problem; Depression; Anxiety; Distress Tolerance; Bipolar Disorder

Chapter 8: Pregnancy, Neonatal issues, and Childhood Refs. 432-504

Pregnancy and Neonatal Development; The Effects of Prenatal use of Cannabis on Childhood and Adolescence; Cannabis Dispensaries are at odds with Health Experts Advice to Pregnant Women; The Lead Toxicity experience versus the Marijuana experience; Unintentional Cannabis ingestion in Young Children

Chapter 9: Other Very Important Health Related Stuff Refs. 505-572

Your Heart and blood vessels; Stroke; Transient Ischemic Attacks; Sleep; Testicular Cancer; Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Chapter 10: Societal Related Stuff Refs. 573-633

Educational Achievement; Motivation; Employment and Jobs; Conflating Legalization issues with Health Issues; Driving; Violence; Suicide; and PTSD

Recent Important Scientific Papers about Marijuana

How to Search for your own SNPs related to Cannabis

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