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Whoa Dude… chill. This is not an anti-pot book, it is about the Science of the health risks of Marijuana. For those who use weed and for those who don’t.

Do you or does someone close to you smoke Weed or use Cannabis products? Are you wondering about the down side, about the health risks? What should I do? What should I tell my kids?

With the rush to legalize marijuana, it has been lost in the haze that marijuana is a psychoactive drug. Although most people do not have serious problems when using weed… some do. Most vulnerable are adolescents, young adults, and pregnant women, but heavy or chronic use of Weed can also lead to dependence and health complications for people at all ages. Be informed, what you don’t know can hurt you.

For the latest scientific evidence check out the new book:

Whoa Dude! Think on these things before getting too deep into smoking Weed *or what the science of marijuana tells us about the harmful health effects for you, your friends, and your kids. by Kevin G. Becker Ph.D.

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The scientific evidence clearly shows effects of Cannabis and Cannabis products, in some people, on Cognition, Memory, and IQ as well as influencing Psychosis, Anxiety, Depression, Cardiovascular problems, and other health and behavioral problems.

This book leads you directly to the science of Marijuana and the scientific evidence of deleterious effects on your health. Click here!

The books companion free website lets you click directly to over 600 scientific references, many free, on the harmful health effects of cannabis.

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Extra Credit: If you have taken a Direct-to-Consumer whole genome DNA test, such as 23 and Me, Ancestry.com, or similar test…. and you are interested in mining your DNA data for your potential vulnerability of all kinds of traits, including Cannabis, you might find this interesting. Warning… it’s pretty nerdy.

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