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Dear Librarians… Thank you for reading this. I need your advice and your help. I think it is important, especially now. I believe that every Public library and especially every High School library should include this book in it’s collection. Yeah..Yeah.. everybody says that, but this is serious. It is in at least 31 public and high school libraries in the US… and counting. From Ithaca, NY…to Littleton, CO… to Fairbanks, AK… Please add it to your collections.

This book is about the Science of the Harmful Effects of Marijuana. Regardless of your views on marijuana legalization (I generally support decriminalization, not greed driven commercialization), it is one of the most relevant topics today.

What community in America is not confronted with this issue? It affects every state, every family, and every teenager in the US. They all are confused and have questions about weed. The internet is filled with misinformation and industry self promotion that often is wrong, if not harmful.

Do you know that today’s marijuana is greater than 10 times stronger than in the 1969 Woodstock era, with concentrates up to 50-80% THC. These can cause acute and chronic psychosis. It’s no longer Peace, Love and Woodstock, it’s big business selling increasingly powerful weed and concentrates. I mean for real… do you even think that parents know what Dabs are, or Budder, or what Wax or Shatter is? Do you?

I am a retired Ph.D. research scientist with over 40 years research experience. I just published a book for the general public about the Science of the Harmful Effects of Marijuana. It is informative, entertaining, non-judgemental and readable. Not so easy for a science book.

Whoa Dude! Think on these things before getting too deep into smoking Weed *or what the science of marijuana tells us about the harmful health effects for you, your friends, and your kids. This is a description of the book:

It has excellent reviews from the professional review services, Kirkus, Blue Ink, Midwest Book Review, Readers Choice, as well reader reviews on Amazon. It was selected as a starred review in the January 2022 issue of Booklist Magazine.

Please consider adding this to the collection in your Library.

It is about the basic science of the harmful effects to your health, especially to teenagers, young adults and pregnant women. These include psychosis, increased anxiety, dependence, increased fatal car crashes, as well as other harmful effects.

Tragically, I get the greatest support from FB groups that have lost kids to drug related suicide or addiction. I find this terribly sad. It should be the other way around. We need to reach these kids, before they get in trouble.

As legalization happens around the US, we are transitioning from an era of Governmental prohibition to one of personal decision making. Teens and young adults need to know the Science to make those important decisions.

Mostly when I approach libraries or library groups, or book review sites I get… crickets, nada, no response. A few people respond but just a trickle. Worse yet, I cannot post to relevant FB groups because it is seen as breaking rules on self promotion. People need good information and excellent science to make informed health decisions for themselves and their kids. Librarians, as information specialists, can play an important part in that process. For example, New York state recently passed a marijuana legalization law. I emailed libraries in New York to request addition to their catalog. No response, squat, nada.

My hope is that some wandering teenager will pick it up and it will influence their life.

What advice do you have to get this book into Public and High School Libraries? Library newsletters? Blogs? Influencers? Review sites? Please contact me if you can offer advice, who can I contact? hints, good ideas or even if you have any questions about weed! If you think this topic is important in the lives of teenagers, their families and young adults… consider adding it to your collections. Contact me if you would like a free copy of the ebook to peruse for adding to your library.

If you are a parent, ask your Librarian to add it to their Library collection.

This is not an anti-pot book, with scare tactics or with a just say no vibe. It is more focused on the fact that now that marijuana is being legalized or legislation is being debated, you should know about the science of marijuana to make informed health decisions. How can I get this book into every library in the US? It is in our local Baltimore County Public Library system in Maryland.

It’s not about me making money, it’s about getting the science out to the public, especially teenagers. I will be surprised if I even approach making back the financial investment I have put into it.

It is distributed through Ingram and is listed on many distributors lists, including K-12 book distributor Mackin.

ISBN: 978-1-7367521-0-4 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-7367521-1-1 (ebook), LCCN: 2021904477

What advice do you have to get this book into public and High School Libraries? Please contact me if you can offer advice, hints, good ideas or have any questions about weed!

Thank you very much. Please pass this link on to other Librarians, your friends and colleagues.

Kevin G. Becker Ph.D.

p.s. I hope you read it too!

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