A reading project for your Teen

As featured in the January 2022 edition of … Booklist Magazine from the American Library Association!!!

What could be more important than your Teens brain, mood, heart health, and psychological well being?

With the public discussion of the legalization of recreational marijuana, there is the public perception that weed is safe for everybody. The scientific evidence clearly shows effects of Cannabis and Cannabis products, in some people, on Cognition, Memory, Educational outcomes, and IQ as well as influencing Psychosis, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Cardiovascular problems, and other health and behavioral problems.

This book is about the science of the harmful health effects of today’s superpowerful weed and THC concentrates on your Teen. It is written for Teens and Parents in a Scientifically comprehensive but non-judgemental way. A perfect reading project that can effect their life and the lives of their friends. Click on the book cover to read reviews and order the book. Contact the author for a discount on group orders.

p.s. please pass this on to Parents or Teen book clubs, reading groups, librarians, HS science teachers, friends and family, GoodReads, Home Schooling groups, etc.

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